Developments in antifouling

Hempel produce Hempasil X3 which, initially was to be used for large ships. It works by using a foul release technology whereby the composition of the paint makes it extremely hard for organic material to get a good grip on the hull.


In order for this to work effectively the boat must reach a cruising speed of 8 knots for the organic matter to be washed off. Jeremy Rogers used Hempasil X3 on the new Contessa 32 named ‘Calypso’. To date the Hempasil has proven to be working well, photos below show the boat out of the water after a few months in the water.


The application process is expensive costing approx. £3,000 for a 32 foot yacht however treatment will last 10 years.

For more info on Hempasil X3:$file/HEMPASIL%20X3_Brochure.pdf?OpenElement


There is a similar product on the market from International named intersleek 900

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