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May 2017

Document: Inland CCI Agenda Results 2017 GA1 Palma

October 2016

Report from the Inland CCI meeting at the EBA General Assembly 2016-GA2 Vienna

September 2016

The CCI Chairman (Dieter Haendel) circulated the following draft agenda in preparation for the CCI meeting at the EBA General Assembly 2016-GA2 Vienna:

1. EBA position paper for charging boating on inland waterways

After steps in UK, France and The Netherlands to private operation of public waterways only used by recreational boating in June 2016 Germany follows in its "Water Tourism Concept" with similar tendencies. You have been informed about this and EBA has published the German concept on CCI inland waterways (see August 2016 below). In all this countries threatens financing of maintenance and operation of recreational waterways more or less by the users pay principle.
CCI inland waterways has to discuss: does EBA needs a position paper for charging boating on inland waterways?
2. EBA engagement in the work of CCNR
In June 2015 CCNR has established CESNI and in November 2015 CESNI has adopted ES-TRIN for vessels longer than 20 m. In 2016 started work of new CESNI working groups for technical requirements as ES-TRIN and shipmaster qualification.
CCI inland waterways has to discuss: what items of interest for boating should EBA address to the work in CESNI working groups?
3. Anti-Fouling
In January 2016 EU Com has banned Irgarol as an anti-fouling product on boat hulls and approved Medetomidine as a new product for anti-fouling. The approval is restricted by conditions in an annex. Condition number 4 says that application, maintenance and repair activities must be conducted on an impermeable hard standing. Because all new anti-fouling products will be approved with the same condition maintenance of anti-fouling painting on boat hulls including hight pressure boat washing will not be accepted in future on a meadow of a boat harbour.
CCI inland waterways shall discuss how this policy influence boat maintenance especially in fresh water inland boat harbours. Is there a need for an EBA position paper?

Document: EU approval for Medetomidine.
4. Electric shock drowning (ESD)

In July 2016 NBF informed about endangering of swimming in fresh water boat harbours by electric shock drowning (ESD). In USA ESD has already killed several children swimming in inland boat harbours.

Document: Information regarding ESD can happen and how to avoid this danger.
Because ESD is only a freh water problem CCI inland waterways shall discuss how EBA should deal with this problem.
5. Pumping out of waste water from holding tanks
Since January 2016 new boats were built under the regulation of the new RCD without direct pipes from waste water sources into the water and collecting this wastes in holding tanks. More and more of this boat come into use and get in Germany problems to find pump out facilities because of very few available installation. For in Germany direct discharging of black and gray water by vessels is not illegal - privileged by shipping law - all commercial vessels use this practice. Only discharging from holding tanks into the water is illegal waste dumping. In this situation boat clubs didn´t follow the appeals of boating association to equip harbours with pump out facilities.
Because this problems is primarily a problem of inland waterways CCI inland waterways shall discuss where this problem appears and how to react.
6. New regulations for boat equipment in Belgium
Ben Eeman informed EBA that there will be new Belgian regulation for special boat equipment. This effects possible problems for boaters from foreign countries if Belgean government will not provide liberal exceptions for visitors. CCI inland waterways shall discuss how EBA should react.
Please contact Dieter Haendel via the Secretariat if there are any other items of interest you wish to add to this CCI agenda.

August 2016

The CCI Chairman (Dieter Haendel) circulated the following documents:German Government Tourism Concept Document; Comments on the Concept Document by Dieter Haendel.

March 2016

The CCI Chairman (Dieter Haendel) circulated the following email and document in preparation for the CCI meeting at the General Assembly (2016-GA1) Palma:


I add to this email a discussion document for our next CCI meeting in Palma with reports of some progress since our last meeting. Please send me your ideas if you have some to widen our discussions. Hope to see you in Palma.

Document: CCI Discussion Document 2016-03 (pdf) or CCI Discussion Document 2016-03 (docx)

October 2015

The EBA Community of Common Interest for the European Inland Waterways met during the EBA General Assembly (2015-GA2) in Berlin, Germany. 3 documents were issued prior to the meeting detailing the structure and objectives and a report on the CCNR 42nd JWG Meeting. The CCI reported to the General Assembly after it met and details of that report can be found in the minutes of the General Assembly.