Regulatory Matters

The rules that pleasure craft must comply with vary from country to country. Although national maritime legislation is the foundation of such rules, potential changes to international and European law originating though the United Nations and the European Union must be monitored to ensure that its impact on recreational boating is proportional and appropriate. The following lists are examples of issues the EBA is working on or has worked on:


Past / Current / Future EBA Issues

  • EU Maritime Policy
  • IMO
  • Member State regulations
  • VAT / proof of payment
  • Maritime security measures for non-SOLAS vessels
  • ICC
  • Visitor taxes
  • Windfarms


Questions Passé, Actuelles et Futures D'EBA

  • EU Maritime Policy
  • IMO
  • Réglernentations des états membres
  • TVA/justificatif de versement
  • Mesures de sécurite aritimes pour bateaux non-SOLAS
  • ICC
  • Taxes pour visiteurs
  • Parcs éoliens


Vergangen / Aktuelle / Zukünftige EBA Themen

  • EU Maritim - Politik
  • IMO
  • Gesetzgebung der Mitgliedsstaaten
  • MwSt / Zahlungsnachweis
  • Maritime Sicherheitsmaßnahmen für nicht-SOLAS-Schiffe
  • ICC
  • Steuern für Besucher / Kurtaxe
  • Windparks


Asuntos pasados, actuales y futuros de EBA

  • Política Marítima de la UE
  • OMI
  • Regulaciones de los Estados miembros
  • IVA-Acreditación de pago
  • Medidas de seguridad para embarcaciones no SOLAS
  • ICC
  • Impuestos sobre transeúntes
  • Parques eólicos